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More like rabid, confused, chaotic beginnings that I cannot even begin to type. My brain in is churning out ideas at a faster pace than I can type. Then there is this feeling I’m getting, that my left hemisphere is off on its own adventure while my right hemisphere is trying to organize the recent (and ongoing) flow of ideas coming from both hemispheres.

This is like two pastry chefs preparing a simple dessert like panne cotta! We are not getting anywhere guys. We need to work together – NOW!

– Don’t go away! Trying to get my two hemispheres to agree on the site theme and background photograph. I am no politician, but doing my best to come to an agreement. –

Ok we’ve agreed on a theme and are considering two options for the header image. While that is uploading I’ll share a little about me.

Stumped again!

A question that everyone has asked (even me and I sincerely apologize for this) and been asked is: “Where are you from?”

Most have no trouble answering this, but I am left a stuttering mess with no idea how to answer this and what the other party wants to hear. I end up having to tell my life story beginning with “My passport is an original passport from The Netherlands” which leads to more questions.

I will make it short for now and elaborate on a later date. I hold a Dutch passport – so does that make me a citizen or a national of The Netherlands? My country of birth is Taiwan, my Dad is Dutch (but he too is born on foreign soil) and my Mom is German (born and raised in Germany). I was raised in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore – notice Taiwan is not in this listing as I was 8 months old when we left.  My schooling – private international schools in English.

After spending many (too many maybe) years in Germany I finally decided to try to move back to Indonesia. This is still not 100% completed, but we’re working on it. By now I am married to a Balinese – not legally due to my lack of an official birth certificate.

Enough for now……………….

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