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red6Oh wow! Looks like I suffered a major case of writer’s block for about 3 years. Well not really as I had plenty of other writing to do: emails, tax reports, newsletters for my website (a girl needs to earn some money), the other website I manage has some major updating still in the printing press, shopping lists (does that count?), text messages, posts on social media, translating a friends page (that has been put on hold for now), guest reviews and much, much more. Getting carried away again.


Over the past 2 years I have had guests, friends, acquaintances, customers, you name it, tell me I need to write about my life. I do have some stories to tell that are not so common, but I doubt it would be material for a book. So after long consideration – yes it took me 3 years to think about this – I said “Let’s do it!!” to no one in particular.

So I grabbed this book that I’ve had for eons (not really) and read up on how to overcome this fear or maybe reluctance of writing. This book tells me to warm-up, to keep a journal and basically to just write.

This is what I’ll do!

So bear with me while I rant and on occasion actually might write something of interest. I promise some posts will be kept as drafts to not bore you. To do as the book advises I will write daily, but my words will reflect one thing that moved me on that day. This will be difficult as there are so many things that make my brain go into overdrive and create a war between my left and right hemisphere.

So I am off to customize my blog to have categories needed to keep everything organized.

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