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Grandpa Ionker, seated 3rd from the right (Family archives)

Grandpa Ionker, seated 3rd from the right (Family archives)

Just a short post of more findings on the web! My virtual travels led me to this page, KITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies and I searched the available digital images they have in the Digital Image Library (they have an abundance of photographs). Just out of interest I entered “Kediri” in the search field as I know from my Dad that they lived there at one time.

Henk Jonker in his uniform, Kediri

Henk Jonker in his uniform, Kediri

Look what I found by by using Kediri in my search – Grandpa Ionker (yes they spelled it with a “J” and I have informed them of such).

This goes to show that whether traveling in the virtual world or in our original (physical) world it is worth wandering off the beaten track. Take that alley way that is so narrow no car would fit through, enter the dinghy looking cafe where locals gather, click on the link that looks less promising, enter the website in a strange language (ok I admit I can read Dutch, but I have visited Russian websites) and you might discover something new that in turn will lead you down another alley.

The information is infinite – well not really, we don’t even know if we can say the Universe is infinite and the internet as of today is so huge that to print every page we would need to find a new planet that has trees! The internet has hundreds of terabytes of data plus we are adding to that everyday.

I will add to it to with one click of a button – Publish!

Random information also found on the world wide web: Someone actually calculated how much paper we would need to print the internet. As it turns out we wouldn’t need to find another planet, the trees in the Amazon would do, only under 1% is needed (although I do not support that!). Notice how I found this random piece of information on the internet, but I’ve done enough traveling for today and did not click on the links provided.

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