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It has been more than a year and I am disappointed with my lack of dedication to my blog. There are no excuses! Well actually  there are – many excuses or reasons for why I have not written anything since June 2015.

img_0335As I sit here trying to sort my travel expenses from 2015 I realize that so much has happened since my last post. I know
that for a fact because as I said, I am going through my flight bookings to see what I can charge to the company and what not.

In June 2015 I had to fly back to Germany for my business. When in Germany I rarely have the time to do much privately besides maybe visit a few old friends. But is looks like besides flying to Germany I also managed a short trip to Hartland / Devon in the UK to visit a dear old friend. So that is something I could write about. Catching up with friends that live so far, the gorgeous (I mean really gorgeous) costal region of Heartland / Devon, traveling with my daughter, free roaming horses …..

Besides the short trip to the UK I also flew to Taipei, Taiwan. A really short trip – only had three nights or three days to explore Taipei. Now that is definitely something I could write about. My place of birth is Taipei, Taiwan and for those that do not know this yet; I have been trying to get an official birth certificate since April 2012. This story would be a post on its own and I promise I will get to it. It was mentioned in one of my earlier posts that this was an ongoing odyssey, but now I am happy to say at least that part of my life is legally documented. The birth part that is.

Another reason for lack of posting is our place here gaining popularity. Hosting on Airbnb opened up a lot of opportunities to advertise our corner of Bali. My husband who quit his day job (well he worked many nights too as an electrician for the PLN – the Indonesian power supply company) found a calling in hosting guests, cooking up some delicious Indonesian dishes and teaching Balinese cooking. We have been so busy with bookings that some days we wonder if we should just block the rooms to allow ourselves a day off or two!

Well I am rambling on. There are more things that have happened to keep me very busy, but I’ll leave it with the excuses mentioned for now.

Seriously need to get back to my accounting……..

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