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img_2059On a regular evening I sit down with either beer or tea and draft my next post. Along the way I do a little research on what I am posting (yes I like to make sure that what I am writing is not total BS). Sure I take most of what I write from my experiences and write my side of the story, but it helps to research. Even authors of fiction do their research.

The next morning I sit down and re-read what I wrote the night before and edit. It helps to sleep on it. Emotions can run wild and I do not want to upset anyone with my rants. Also despite our modern tools there are typos and unfinished or cumbersome sentences.

Finally I search my hard drive for an appropriate photo before posting everything for the world to see.

My last post has been two days ago. No I am not in Taiwan – I am safe and sound on my hilltop in Bali. I only posted something about Taipei and my trip there – I still have more to tell about that trip – because there are some friends who like to know how I am getting on with the legalization of my birth and subsequently my marriage.

I tend to get carried away when I start and despite my edits the next day I never seem to be able to finish telling my story in one sitting. So that is why I often start telling my story about something I experienced or a short trip to another country or city only to have to add “….to be continued” at the bottom of the post.

The main reason for having not posted anything for the past two days is that my internet connection is one of the prices I have to pay for living in paradise. It has been slower than a horse at a leisurely trot and more than inconsistent since Trump was announced 45th president of the US. I don’t blame Trump or the elections, but it might have something to do with too many people around the world wanting to make a statement or two. More like too many “quotes with pictures” and links to so called breaking news.

And now we get to the other reason I have been preoccupied. The elections and the following flood of posts on Facebook. You could now tell me I could just stay away from Facebook or any social media for a while. Right, but what about the businesses that I have. These are active on Facebook and I need to keep in touch with customers, potential customers, guests and potential guests. No better way to reach a broad spectrum of people than social media. But as of Tuesday my Twitter has been filled with short bursts of anger and hate. Facebook takes forever to scroll through posts from all over the world with  either pride and joy or sadness and fear over the outcome, but mostly with hateful and absolutely ridiculous links regarding the situation in the US.

Basically I like all my Facebook friends, but it has come to a point where I might just unfollow you. No I won’t unfriend you – I am too diplomatic to do that although there is one person that I unfriended, because I don’t need a narcissist in my life. If anyone wants to inform the world or their followers about some fact please check that what you are posting really is a fact. Don’t just post links because it makes what you believe sound like a truth. Reposting the same thing over and over and over again does notR make it more true and will definitely not make me change my mind, actually it’ll just make me shake my head and wonder if anyone really knows how to read and form their own opinions. Worst case scenario I’ll just laugh at you. Lastly please do not post “News” if it really is not real news. There are plenty of reliable news sources out there (FOX is not one of them – sorry guys) and it is always best to read different sources and form your own opinion.

Opinion – most of what  we read, hear and see is opinion (and sadly often something the mainstream media vomits up to keep viewers numbers high enough for their investors). I said most! If you tell me it is raining while I am holding an umbrella over our heads it obviously is a fact although I could argue with you about that if I wanted to. In my opinion it might be drizzling as I am used to tropical rains and we happen to be standing in Frankfurt, Germany which is obviously not tropical – yet. To you it is rain and to me it is drizzle. So let us all gather information and form our opinions – when we next meet let us discuss it!

I will conclude with some things that my Dad has said to me over the years that I always take to heart:

Don’t cut of your nose to spite your face

Take everything with a grain of salt


Let us agree to disagree!

What I’ve been reading:

  • Aljazeera – especially the opinions
  • BBC – world news interests me as well as the opinions
  • History – please the author clearly states this is his opinion and NOT fact and his responses to some of the comments are really clear on that
  • 10 things I learned from the elections – nice piece on what we could all learn

PS – I had a hard time deciding whether to post this or not. So if you are wondering…. I flip-flopped the whole day.

2 thoughts on “Normally……. (or why I was absent for two days)

  1. Sissy Lingle says:

    Hi, Claudia! Loved seeing you and Claudia 2 at MDCC! Miss your mom. Anyway, you are right about a LOT of stuff on FB being absolute lies. I have gotten to the point of not believing most of it. Keep up the good work, Girl, and Bali is on my bucket list if I don’t get too old and arthritic to travel.

    1. ionkerc says:

      You are never too old to travel – my Dad still travels and is almost 87! Come to Bali – you will love it.

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