I Nomad

ramblings from a global nomad

Thankfully my father was not against any animal, although I doubt he would have let me keep a pet hippopotamus. So we had up dogs and cats at home ever since I can remember. When I had my first apartment I had cats and can not imagine life without these furry companions.

Living on Bali makes it hard not to adopt any four legged creature that needs a loving home. On the other hand my husband runs this home stay so I have to keep my urges under control. So most of the animals on our premises came here on their own or were brought by friends or family who thought I needed more dogs.

Cats are wonderful keyboard covers when they are not out hunting anything that slithers, crawls, flies or swims. Our dogs are the best security system available alerting us to welcome and not so welcome visitors and warning us of unwanted pests (although I think they do mistake our cats as food thieves).

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